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Track list:
1 Athrú
2 Man of The House
3 Old Town
4 The Island of Woods
5 Tamacun
6 The Fisherman’s Blues
7 The Devil Set

Andrew Grafton Guitar and vocals
Trudy Maguire Accordion and vocals
Darragh Ó hÉiligh Úilleann pipes, whistles and bodhran

Special guest:
Niall Cloak Fiddle

Thanks / Buíochas:
engineered by Jason Varley
Mastered by Fergal Davis
Front cover design by Sophie Coyle
Photography by Emma Jane Uí Éiligh

Tune / song names:
1 jim wards / Athrú / paddy canny’s
2 The man of the house
3 Old town
4 Tamacun / The lilting banshee / Tatter Jack Walsh
5 The island of woods / Tamlin (The glasgow reel) / Music for a found harmonium
6 Fishermans blues
7 The ships are saling / The Boys of Ballisodare (jig) / The Coalminer’s

Andrew grafton plays a Tanglewood guitar

Trudy Maguire plays a excelsiorAccordion

Darragh Ó héiligh plays Úilleann pipes made by Alain Froment,
Chieftain whistles
and a custom bodhran by Christian Hedwitschak

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